Friday, August 31, 2007

Pour of Tor / Sycorax Pine's List

Here are my initial thoughts on my own list (I may have to add to this as I go on):
  • Laurence Sterne - Tristram Shandy
  • Friedrich Durrenmatt - The Physicians and The Visit
  • Orhan Pamuk - My Name is Red
  • Richard Powers - The Gold Bug Variations
  • China Mieville - Perdido Street Station
  • Doris Lessing - The Golden Notebook
And a few alternates or "extra credit" options:
  • John Fowles - The Magus
  • Joyce Carol Oates - Bellefleur
  • Stendhal - The Red and the Black
  • Diana Wynne Jones - A Sudden, Wild Magic
  • Iris Murdoch - The Black Prince
  • Edward P. Jones - All Aunt Hagar's Children
  • Nadine Gordimer - Burger's Children
  • Tim Winton - Cloudstreet or Dirt Music
  • Peter Carey - Oscar and Lucinda or True History of the Kelly Gang
  • Cynthia Ozick - The Puttermesser Papers
  • Neal Stephenson - Cryptonomicon
  • Elizabeth Bowen - A World of Love
  • Jorge Luis Borges - Labyrinths
  • Swimming Lessons -Rohinton Mistry
  • Sandor Marai - Embers

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Booklogged said...

As I look over everyone's list I'm surprised at the vast number of books and/or authors I haven't read. I need more time set aside for reading. (Maybe less time blogging would help?!)