Monday, November 19, 2007

An Acquaintance With Darkness - Ann Rinaldi

It's YA and a great premise, but I was getting fed up with the spoiled brat main character. Glad to be done with it and moving on to something else.


AmberRose said...

i absolutly loved that book. i read it as a class project thinking to be boring, considering that it was about abe lincolns assassination, but after the second chapter i was hooked. it was very good at catching and holding my attention. i wish i had a night blooming cerus.

EmilyPigbush101 said...

i loved the book too! i could not put it down! i wish i had a night blooming cerus too! i hae to do a project on it but i need to find 5 key items. i have: the gold coins, the letter from johnny, and thats it. do you have any suggestions for the other 3? thanks : )