Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

Carey, Janet Lee. 2007. Dragon's Keep.

I loved Dragon's Keep. It was just so good. Rosalind is a princess. That means her life must be perfect, right? Doesn't royalty bring with it perfection? Doesn't being a princess make you entitled to having EVERYTHING you ever wanted? Not if your Rosalind. Rosalind and her mother, the Queen, are keeping a secret. A big secret. Rosalind's 'wedding finger' is a dragon claw. It's a shameful secret hidden behind golden gloves. Rosalind has more than the pressure of a shameful secret weighing her down though, her mother reminds her constantly that she is the one--Rosalind is the one--that will fulfill Merlin's six-hundred-year prophecy about bringing peace to the kingdom and restoring everything--everyone. Her destiny--her future--may just be tied up with her left hand--though she doesn't know it. The Queen is always searching for cures, for healers--even if those "cures" come from whether dark and creepy sources like the mountain witch. But the cures aren't working, and at times Rosalind feels she's being punished for her mother's crimes. Rosalind's destiny weighs heavy on her. Because of it, men--good men--are sent to war AND sent to fight and kill the dragon.

Rosalind is a princess with a heavy burden and some difficult choices. Her story is exciting and one-of-a-kind.

This book reminds me of The Last Dragon by Silvana de Mari, Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley, and Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.


jenclair said...

I really like fantasy and will add this one to my list. Carl does a Once Upon a Time Challenge in the spring, so I'm looking for good fantasy to add to my list. Thanks.

Vickie said...

Thanks for this one! Adding to shopping!