Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Neotopia: The Enlightened Age

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Neotopia: The Enlightened Age

By Rod Espinosa

Normally I don't read manga books, or anime stories, or graphic novels, or whatever you want to call them. They just aren't my thing.

But, since the YA Literary Challenge says we have to have a graphic novel, well, I just had to read a graphic novel!

Neotopia: The Enlightened Age follows the story of Nalyn, who is pretending to be the Grand Dutchess of Mathenia. Ki-Ek, Nalyn's dolphin friend, and Nimn, a faerie, are the only two beings who know who she truly is. The story starts off with Nalyn running into Philios, who is flying around in a jet-pack. After having the jet pack destroyed, something happens - it is alerted to them that another country is attacking.

I mean, the book was alright. The plot line was okay, but not very original, and the characters were likable. I found it a bit boring and had to struggle to get through it.

Grade: C


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