Saturday, February 9, 2008

To Catch a Pirate

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To Catch a Pirate

By Jade Parker

She Who Loves Books lent me To Catch a Pirate a few days ago and, I must say, she has great taste in the topics of books. Vampires and pirates. Nice combination, if I do say so myself.

To Catch a Pirate follows the tale of Annalisa Townsend. The young girl is traveling with her father with treasure given to her father by the king himself for the use of building a palace or something on an island when the pirates attack. Sent to the ship's hold to hide, Anna is discovered by the pirate's right hand man, James Sterling. Anna is told to be silent and, when James reaches for her necklace - the only thing she has left of her mother- she speaks, telling him to take anything but the necklace.

He steals a kiss instead.

Years pass, and Anna is hunting down James Sterling and the captain of his ship, for she needs the treasure that he and his mates stole to prove that her father is not a traitor. She does catch him, and almost everything goes as planned.

Except for the little itty bitty 'I've fallen in love with the pirate' bit. Of course, it's only after this that her plans disintegrate into little pieces.

You can't not love this book - it's about pirates, for pete's sake! Everybody loves pirates. It had a pretty good plot line, but the characters were a bit weak, and I couldn't picture everything as well as I normally can.

Rating: B++

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